Children's Corner

Who am I going to see?

You will be meeting Dr Blánaid. She helps lots of children sort out problems and worries. Some children worry about school and some have worries at home. Some children think they're always in trouble at school or think school work is too hard for them. Other children feel sad or upset or angry too much of the time and miss out on having fun. Some children find it hard to make friends and find someone to play with in the yard. Talking can really help because when you talk you can work out ways to make things better.

What happens?

Firstly, you'll meet Dr Blánaid with your parents. You will get the chance to talk about anything that's been worrying or bothering you or making you feel really sad, lonely or sometimes really angry. There are lots of toys to play with while you're here. Then if you want to, you can chat to Dr Blánaid on your own for a little while. After everyone is finished talking, we'll work out a plan to help sort things out.