Useful Links/Psychoeducation

Irish Association of Speech and Language Therapists:

About Our Kids – Child Study Center of New York University:

The Royal College of Psychiatrists: is a service dedicated to providing quality assured mental health information to help young people get through tough times. This site is particularly aimed at parents of young people with mental health difficulties.

Headspace – Australian website covering wide range of mental health issues:

HADD is the Irish ADHD/ADD support group:

INCADDS (Tips and Strategies for Teachers):

Middletown Centre for Autism:

Harold’s Cross Parents’ Autism Support Group:

ASPIRE (Asperger Syndrome Association of Ireland):

Irish Progressive Association for Autism (Cork):

Spunout – Irish youth focussed charity:


Bodywhys – Irish national voluntary support group:

Dyslexia Association of Ireland: